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We are continually exploring the limits of what is possible, tracking leading edge innovation, and devising distinctive ways of doing things in the world of high-end adventure. There’s always a fresh approach to encountering the wild, to unearthing sites unseen, and experiencing the rare and the remote.

Here in Asia, inspiration abounds, from our planet’s most prominent peaks, to its most vibrant seas. So, we always think big, set our imaginations free, and constantly seek new inspiration to help us unlock your next extraordinary journey.

So, what new doors to adventure are we opening now? 

Amphibious Planes

Taking to the skies, delivers the range and access we need to build our most ambitious adventures. So imagine a pioneering trip design, that explores the thrilling potential of the latest class of amphibious light-sport aircraft. Well, we are.


Leveraging both the latest technology, and strong personal ties to local palaeontologists on the ground, we are creating an extraordinary journey to venture back into the Gobi, and hunt for new species of dinosaur!

Epic Skiing

Thrilled by the chance to carve up untouched powder, among remote and spectacular peaks? Well, some of the very best locations are here in Asia; Kamchatka, Kashmir, and the Celestial Mountains, to name a few. We'll take you there, exclusively, and in style.

Marque 4x4's

Inspired by the epic landscapes of Asia, we are collaborating with one of motoring's marque brands to develop a unique series of adventures that deliver the most spectacular overland explorations that the region has to offer.

Rare Species

Our ties to Asia's conservation community, reflect our ongoing pledge to help protect the region's rare species. In western China alone, we can have you tracking wild pandas, spotting snow leopards, or sighting the newly discovered skywalker gibbon.


Whether it's diving unexplored reefs, or WWII wrecks, we have identified several intriguing sites, where the latest private submersibles are sure to reveal a whole new world of adventure. And, they're marked on our map, just ready for you to discover.

The Taklamakan

Inspired by the fabled Taklamakan; the second largest sand-shifting desert in the world, we're creating a silk road adventure as never before. Think luxury private camps, dune bashing with quad bikes, sunset flights by microlight, and champagne under the stars.

Tribal Immersion

From eagle hunting in Mongolia, to tantra in Tibet, experiencing authentic cultural immersion is often our key inspiration. Our next project though, may be our boldest challenge yet: a sago grub feast with the Korowai tribe, deep in the jungles of Papua.

Ultimate Adventure

With the right budget, time and assets, there are few limits to the scope and scale of adventures that we can design for our clients. If you can dream it, then we are committed to delivering on even the most monumental projects.

Unbounded Space

Our longstanding fascination with space travel, has developed a network of contacts that could propel you far above the continent of Asia, and beyond the earth itself! So, last but not least, a trip to the International Space Station anyone?