The Design Process


We design ambitious
Avant garde adventures

Each high-end adventure is built from scratch. Trip by trip, our extensive proprietary know-how is fully explored to unlock the most imaginative, and often pioneering, journeys for our clients.

So, how do we create each unique experience?

Stage 1

The first step is to arrange a personal consultation with our clients, preferably one on one, to get to know them and gain a deep understanding of their aspirations for each unique adventure.

Stage 2

Next, we employ all our proprietary knowledge, to expertly conceptualize each project, and then ask for a deposit (credited to the cost of your trip), before mobilizing our resources to begin specifically designing your adventure.

Stage 3

Given the ambitious nature of our trips, in most cases, a reconnaissance trip will be required to cross check all the latest developments on the ground, and ensure that each adventure is not only uniquely designed, but meticulously planned.

Stage 4

Further fine tuning and thorough risk assessment is then undertaken, before presenting our clients with a detailed trip proposal. Once approved, we will provide all necessary advice, and make final preparations for your departure.

Stage 5

Finally, to seal those memories of a lifetime, we will work on any previously agreed post-trip media production, such as photography journals or video show reels, and share them with our clients.