So much more than Aman
And a tigers nest

By leveraging our preeminent personal relationships within the land of the thunder dragon, we custom-build luxury camps in a few hidden corners of this spectacular Himalayan Kingdom; which, accessed by private helicopter, served as far-flung bases for our unique exploration.

From hiking to the glacier-fringed face of the world’s highest unclimbed peak, to discovering a private lodge deep in a pristine forested reserve, by river raft, our uniquely-designed adventure was definitely one for the ages. And for the sequel, we’re adding trailblazing heli-biking, and classic Royal Enfields!

Intrigued by venturing beyond Punakha and Paro?


Home to thousands of volcanic islands, kaleidoscopic reefs and isolated tribes, this spectacular archipelago has hosted many of our original journeys of discovery down the years, including uniquely-designed adventures in Siberut, Komodo, Raja Ampat and the jungles of West Papua.

Always keen to unearth new discoveries, our most recent expert-led adventure saw clients exploring the Spice Islands by private yacht, welcomed ashore by local chieftains, and awestruck by the seldom-seen schools of migratory hammerheads and giant manta rays.

And how could we forget the Forgotten Islands?


From the remote reindeer herders of the northern taiga, to the eagle hunters of the Altai,  the intimate knowledge forged during our regular explorations of this spectacular country, have inspired several  uniquely wild and wonderful projects over the years.  

Just last winter, we were on the move, using privately assembled ger-camps, with a nomadic family of eagle hunters, before later in the autumn, arranging, and joining in, our very own private ‘Sayat’, or community eagle hunt; far from the hordes at the more familiar festival. To top it all off, we even had a bash at buzkashi!

And who was that finding new species of dinosaur in the Gobi last summer?

Recharge in a sacred beyul
and take in ancient tantras

Challenged by clients, to lead them back to nature, and escape the Goretex-clad crowds, we ventured deep into the remote Tibetan borderlands between the twin 8000m giants of Kanchenjunga and Makalu. There, in a sacred valley, accessed by helicopter, we set up our traditional black-yak-wool tented camp.

Over the next few days, gloriously off grid, we discovered a revered mountain lake never before seen by outsiders, remote peaks home to a handful of snow leopards, and an ancient Nyingma-sect gompa; a veritable treasure trove of traditional tantric rituals, and rare age-old thangkas.

Where would you go on your next spiritual adventure?

Sing sing to a different tune
And discover a lost world

Forgoing Mt Hagen and Kokopo, we ventured deep into one of Asia’s final frontiers; a veritable ‘lost’ world; where the colossal crater rim of a collapsed volcano, provides rain forest sanctuary to one of the planet’s most pristine and undiscovered biospheres.

And there is so much more to explore: isolated and rarely contacted tribes, esoteric native rituals, and, of course, the riotously adorned birds that inhabit this jungle paradise. Below the waves, the kaleidoscopic colours continue, with some of the best expeditionary diving in the coral triangle. 

Time to boldly explore way beyond the usual?

Explore beyond boracay
and banaue

Romblon, Camiguin and Sogod Bay; just three of our favourite tropical hideaways dotted throughout this spectacular archipelago, featuring seldom-dived sinkholes, soaring stratovolcanoes and whale sharks. And then there’s Tubbataha, a truly magical and remote reef, that trips so beautifully off the tongue.

Our most recent adventure, saw us rediscovering one of the Philippine’s hidden gems, the Calamian Islands, where we dived WW II wrecks, paddle boarded crystal clear lakes, and came face to face with  the modern day siren of the sea, the dugong.

An inspired concept for your next yacht expedition?

It’s Time We Woke Up
 ‘Sleeping Beauty’

The wild hinterlands of Siberia (‘sleeping land’ in old Turkic), and Russia’s Far East, are one of the most extraordinary adventure wonderlands on the planet, featuring Asia’s highest falls, it’s deepest lake, arctic vistas, northern lights and a ring of fire. Simply put, the space to design ambitious and innovative journeys here, is as far-reaching as the steppe.  

Our most recent adventure, saw us flying into the Russian Altai, by expedition helicopter, to a private log cabin, and embarking on a truly memorable trip; a hiking and horse trekking adventure that even Putin would have been proud. In our humble opinion – one of our finest yet.

So whatever next; back to the land of bears and volcanoes?

Witness a natural shangri-la
And sights seldom seen

Eternal earthly paradises are hard to find! But that doesn’t mean we ever stop trying. Fascinated by the mythical valleys of Tibetan legend, our extensive explorations have unearthed a few hidden gems, worthy of the treasure-revealers of lore.

Imagine your traditional private camp, deep in the heart of a beautiful valley, surrounded by 6000 m peaks, prayer flags and mani stones. We’ll take you there, and sanctify the sacred surrounds with a pilgrimage, before witnessing a seldom-seen tantric ceremony, at an ancient hilltop monastery.

And what of snow leopards, and their even more elusive clouded cousins?