Do you design trips beyond Asia?

The short answer is yes. At this stage, while we choose to focus predominantly on Asia, we have extensive expertise and contacts around the globe. We also have a proven track record of successfully creating and delivering multiple green field projects over the years, both in Asia, and beyond.

How do your fees work?


Each and every experience is both individually designed and meticulously planned.  As such, we ask you for a deposit (credited to the cost of your trip) before we begin designing your adventure. This allows us to commit all the time and resources required to deliver the ultimate trip.

Price on application

Every adventure that we create is unique, and we will provide a detailed estimate of costs, according to your budget.

Contingency fund

For many projects, involving complicated logistics, we will also agree with you to hold a contingency fund for your trip (refunded at the end of your adventure if unused). This enables us, in full consultation with you, to rapidly amend arrangements on your trip if things change on the ground, without troubling you for further payments.

What’s the payment process?

Payment terms will vary from trip to trip and we will agree these with you as part of our initial consultation and ongoing planning process. We are able to accept payments via credit card or bank transfer.